Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential plumbers!

24 Hours Emergency Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.



Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential plumbers!


24 Hours Emergency Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.



24 Hours Emergency Diamond Bar Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.

Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential plumbers!

Leak Detection

Diamond Bar Leak Detection: What is Leak Detection?

When leaks are suspected, the Diamond bar Leak Detection specialists will locate any and all leaks using state of the art electronic leak detection equipment and recommend the appropriate course of action to repair the leaks.

The challenge of finding the leaks and a method of repair is directly proportional to the location of the leak. The challenge is increased if the leaking pipe is under a concrete slab and the challenge is somewhat decreased if the leak is out in the middle of the lawn. Diamond Bar Leak Detection has many years of experience locating and repairing leaks and the specialist in the leak detection field.

gas-leak-detectionIt is not uncommon for water supply lines and the main distribution water line to leak, if they are older pipes. Soldered joints will disintegrate after a while, and steel pipes are subject to rusting, even if they are galvanized to protect the pipe. Using state of the art leak detection equipment is the best way to locate a leaking water pipe. The method not only identifies the exact pipe that is leaking, it also pin points the exact location.

Water leaks can be found anywhere, in addition to under slabs, and in the middle of the lawn. They can be found in walls, under floor boards, inside cabinets and around and under water heaters. As soon as you discover or even suspect a leak, call Diamond Bar Leak Detection and leave it to the professionals to find the leak and repair it.

Both hot and cold water pipes are subject to leaks, and both can deliver considerable damage if not addressed as soon as possible. Copper pipes can be subject to leaks if they are installed improperly or damaged during installation. Diamond Bar Leak Detection has the experience to do the job right the first time.

The equipment used to locate the leaks is non invasive radio frequency equipment that takes decibel readings at the plumbing fixtures and drains. Based on the levels, the leak detection specialist can locate the pipe that is leaking and then, using a location device, the exact location of the link can be pinpointed. Leak detection is not limited to just residential dwellings, but to apartment buildings and condominiums.

Diamond Bar Leak Detection: Locating Natural Gas Leaks

Diamond Bar Leak Detection specialists not only locate water leaks, they can track down dangerous natural gas leaks. The professionally trained leak detection specialists can locate a gas leak no matter where it is. It does not matter if the gas leak is under a concrete slab, walkway or in a wall, Diamond Bar Leak Detection has the expertise and equipment to locate the leak and then, offer a repair solution.

Using state of the art gas detection equipment, Diamond Bar Leak Detection is the “go to” leak detection specialist. It is critical to find the source of the leak as soon as possible, as a gas leak gone wild can result in devastating consequences. The gas leak detection specialists are not limited to residential home; they will also track down gas leaks in commercial and industrial buildings, as well.

When Should I call a Leak Detection Specialist?

leak-detectionThere are signs a water leak is present and they include finding warm or hot spots on the floor or finding actual wet spots on the floor. There is sometimes a spike in the utility bills and the water heater may operate excessively. You might notice wet walls, as well as wet or damp cabinets of closet interiors. If you experience any of those problems, it is time to call in the big guys and contact Diamond bar leak Detection specialists.

If you smell gas or are suffering from flu like symptoms or had trouble rousing a family member or loved one, the cause could be an influx of carbon dioxide due to a gas leak within the house. The first call you should make is to 911 for emergency response and the second call should be to Diamond Bar Leak Detection specialist. They will find the source of the gas leak and make the necessary repairs. It will be necessary to air out your house to eliminate all remnants of the gas.

Diamond Bar Leak Detection: Checking beneath the Sinks

Bathroom and kitchen sinks are usually candidates for drain cleaning as well as a source for leaks. With supplies being stored under the sink, it is possible to hit the coupling ring on the trap beneath the sink. If the coupling ring becomes to too loose, water will leak out of the joint when the faucets are turned on. This is an easy fix when searching for and locating links and something you can fix yourself. However, loosening and tightening the coupling ring over and over, will cause the ring to become worn and will not stay tight after a while.

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